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Welcome to melodissey

We are a collective of artists giving hope, skills and voice to displaced & marginalised talents.

Together, we orchestrate a harmonious odyssey through empowering programs, soulful collaborations, and inspirational story telling. Join us as we compose a new symphony of life where art transcends borders and weaves tales of hope for underprivileged artists.


We are not just artists; we are dreamers, enablers, messengers.

We are a movement of change makers that envisions a world where creativity heals souls, emboldens hearts and compose captivating melodies.

our mission

To chart a course towards a brighter horizon, where talent blooms even in the most challenging circumstances.

We strive to create a safe and inclusive oasis, to awaken dormant dreams, to imagine an ode to resilience and belonging through artistic expression.

Our collective

Lionel Exposito

Founder of Melodissey, Lionel connects people and ideas through authentic experiences as an entrepreneur and community builder.French drama actor living in Amsterdam, he believes in the power of art to connect people and sparkle positive change.

James Cook

Co-Founder of Melodissey, James is a South-West UK media composer and music producer for film, TV and Ads.As the lead singer, songwriter and co-producer of the worldwide famous band Delphic, he earned third spot in the much-acclaimed BBC sound of 2010.

Kevin Valentine

Co-Founder of Melodissey, Kevin is a multi-talented artist with a full background of DJing, music production, and acoustic music.The Chicago-born and Amsterdam-based creator is guided by intuition and inner rhythm, breathing life into his vision of elevating people through music.

Mizt aan de Maas

Co-Founder of Melodissey, Writer, rapper, spoken word artist, and producer, Mizt aan de Maas leverages his journey and roots to compose and tell touching stories.He is the founder of Alfabet Soep, a word art platform in Rotterdam.


Florina is a Business Administration graduate who is passionate about HealthTech, Sustainability, and Philanthropy.We love her brilliant mind and creativity.

Our friends

Lee Seprite

Lee is a Benjamin Button Career progression of whatever people are calling the art of editing these days. Observe, Capture, Process and Repeat.

Laura Ponchel

Freelance photographer, Laura works with families and multiple environmental NGO’s, social companies and foundations on photo reportages and events.

Fred. c. morgan

Frederique is a multimedia producer (photography and video), curator and educator leader based in London.She is passionate about promoting and documenting cultural identity and heritage.

Sam Elony

Sam Elony is an independent French writer and photographer.
He readily defines himself as an autodidact creator, always in the research and invention of images and words.


Multi-disciplinary artist & child of the East & West, ZET is a co-creator whose work is aimed to bridge the seen and unseen worlds.
She tunes in with the elements of nature and through performance art, she expresses arising creation in a moment in time.

Joni Jules

Joni Jules (2000) is a Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Jamaican, Antillean and Dutch roots. Her songs are about connection, love, unity, freedom and self-awareness


Iva Hristovska aka Ámika is a singer-songwriter and music producer. She weaves together modern electronic sounds with an 80's-inspired feel and a hint of Balkan folklore music.

Our supporters

Donor wall of honor

Thank you

As of Sept 15, 2023, we collected:- 3,207 euros
- 1 original artwork for auction created by Maurice van Tilburg - Glimne
- 1 guitar, 1 bass guitar, 1 ukulele, 1 MIDI controller, 1 USB MIDI keyboard
- 3 ipads
- more to come...
Thank you for your generosity Alexandra, Alix, Anaïse, Anne, Arnoud, Back to Black cafe, Corinne, Delphine, Estelle, Eva, Djûke, Gerwin, Jeroen, Huub, Manja, Marie, Maurice, Maxim, Mei, Nick, Roelinda, Roos, Tamara, Tech Makers Amsterdam, Valérie, Vishu and many generous anonymous donors.... and to all our friends for spreading the word.

first project

Music in Samos Project

From October 2 to 6, we will embark on our first adventure in Greece to offer an oasis of musical creativity, learning and humanism to the residents of Zervou refugee camp in Samos.This project, carried out in collaboration with Movement on the Ground aims to expand skills, amplify voices and ignite hope among asylum seekers.

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, I regret to inform you that we had to take the desperately hard decision to postpone our project. We are now working hard to deploy our program in spring 2024.


We need your help

Do you want to positively impact the lives of displaced and marginalised artists and underprivileged communities through music and arts programs?! Big or small, your donation will make a difference, so thank you!We also accept in kind donations of music instruments and equipments for those who need it most.

How to donate

Money donation

You live in the Netherlands, donate via Tikkie by scanning this QR code or clicking on Tikkie donation button >>>You live somewhere else, donate via bank transfer with the reference "Melodissey".IBAN: NL36 ABNA 0112 7905 42
KVK: 77211928
Please note that this donation is not tax deductible. We are working on it for the future.

How to donate

In-kind donation

Do you have second hand music instruments or equipments feeling lonely in your basement?!Give them a second life for the benefit of those who need it most.Most wanted: flutes, drums, guitars, dj decks/mixers, live PA/mixer, mics, cameras, etc.Reach out to us through the contact form.

How to donate

Crowdfunding campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign is now closed.Thank you to the 25 donors for their generous donations. You are amazing!Please note that this donation is not tax deductible. We are working on it for the future.

get involved

Join our movement and help us compose the symphony of change.

Whether you are a seasoned artist, a creative, or simply someone who wants to do good, there is a place for you in our movement.Together, we will craft melodies of solidarity, positive momentum, and carefree experience for underprivileged talents who need human support.

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